Hamworthy Heating is accredited with CIBSE to deliver approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.

These courses are beneficial for anyone wishing to understand the latest industry developments and discover new ways to add value, performance and efficiency to your commercial heating and hot water projects. Below are the most frequently asked questions from customers wishing to attend.

How much does a Hamworthy CPD course cost?

Hamworthy CPD seminars are free to attend. We are committed to supporting your Continuing Professional Development through a series of short, flexible courses.


Who delivers the CPD seminars?

Your CPD from Hamworthy is delivered by one of our highly experienced HVAC professionals.


Where are the courses held?

We can offer CPD seminars online, delivered via teams.


How long does a Hamworthy CPD course last?

Our flexible approach means that we are able to tailor our training to suit your business. Lots of our customers choose to run these at lunchtime so that there is minimal disruption to the working day.


Why attend a CPD seminar?

We’ve asked one of our attendees what he gained from attending, he thinks they are “time well spent!”. Read more about it here.


Courses currently on offer:

Boiler controls - unwiring the jargon


This new CIBSE-accredited CPD, added in May 2021, is all about controls. Get to know the terminology used in controls and how best to setup your boilers for highest efficiency and performance. 

Cascade vs unison control
CIBSE accredited CPD on hydraulic separation

New Boilers on Old Heating Systems: Hydraulic Design – A Story of Separation

This CIBSE-accredited CPD course looks at the hydraulic design options available when installing new boilers on old heating systems. Learn the difference between open and closed heating systems and how to choose the best method of separating the primary and secondary circuits.

Best Practice Heating & Hot Water Plant Refurbishment

This popular CPD seminar looks at the best way to carry out an assessment of current heating and hot water plant. A fast paced and interactive session that will equip you with the tools and knowledge to conduct a thorough plant room site survey. You will also explore some best (and worst) practice examples in refurbishment projects.

CIBSE accredited CPD on best practice heating refurbishment
CIBSE accredited CPD on best practice hot water systems

Best Practice in Domestic Hot Water (DHW)

Bring your DHW knowledge up to date with our latest CPD course. The ‘pick & mix’ nature of this training means you choose which areas you want to learn about from the 3 available modules. Topics include DHW sizing, safety and legislation. If you’re involved in the management of hot water in commercial buildings, this is the one for you.

Energy Saving in Commercial Heating and Hot Water - Could you save a £million?

This CPD presentation looks at the practicalities of how to save energy in commercial heating and hot water projects, and then quantifies those savings from the whole-life perspective. An insightful and thought-provoking session that is ideal for anyone involved in managing energy and efficiency of commercial buildings.

Energy performance regulations