Dorchester DR-FC Evo condensing water heater
Dorchester DR-FC Evo condensing water heater cutaway
Dorchester DR-FC Evo condensing water heater
Dorchester DR-FC Evo condensing water heater

Fully automatic, condensing direct fired water heater for domestic hot water.

7 models available with continuous outputs (@44°C ∆T) of 600, 630, 970, 1200, 1700, 2000 & 2400 l/h.

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Product information

    • Power outputs 30-119kW and storage capacities of 227-504 litres.
    • Safe and clean domestic hot water generation.
    • Reduces energy use and running costs by maximising condensing water heater performance.
    • Meets the strict standards for efficiencies and NOx emissions in new buildings.
    • Ultra-quiet operation means it can be installed close to point of use without disturbance to occupants.
    • Closely matches hot water demand, reducing wastage.
    • Down firing pre-mix modulating burner reduces the risk of scale build up impacting on the heat transfer.
    • Large range of time and temperature control features built in as standard.
    • Electronic Anode fitted as standard.
    • Natural gas and lpg water heater options.
    • Easy access for service and maintenance.
    • Full project assistance available from our dedicated hot water expert to help with hot water sizing and selection of equipment to match the application.
    • Extensive back up and support from our team of experienced engineers across the UK.
    • Long term commitment to spare parts.
    • Water heater BIM objects available to assist in project design and management
    • Available for next day delivery (dependent on stock availability, charges apply, order cut-off 12pm).

Technical data

Units DR-FC Evo 25
Building Regulations thermal efficiency gross % 96
ErP efficiency rating (modules ≤ 70 kW only) - A
Heating-up time, ΔT = 44°C min. 23
Heating-up time, ΔT = 50°C min. 26
Heating-up time, ΔT = 55°C min. 29
Standby losses kW/24h 4.2
Continuous output with 44°C ΔT l/h 600
1st hour output with 44°C ΔT l 730
Continuous output with 50°C ΔT l/h 530
1st hour output with 50°C ΔT l 630
Continuous output with 55°C ΔT l/h 480
1st hour output with 55°C ΔT l 560
Storage capacity litres 227
Maximum operating water pressure (open vented) bar 8
Maximum operating water pressure (unvented) bar 5.3
Expansion relief valve setting (unvented kit) bar 6
ErP load profile - XXL
Nat Gas
Input, gross – maximum kW 31.6
Output – maximum kW 30.5
Gas inlet pressure – nominal mbar 20
Gas flow rate – maximum @1013.25 mbar and 15°C m3/h 3.1
Input, gross – maximum kW 31
Output – maximum kW 30.5
Gas inlet pressure – nominal mbar 37
Gas flow rate – maximum@1013.25 mbar and 15°C kg/h 2.3
Approximate flue gas volume @15°C, 9.8% CO2, N.T.P. (Nat. Gas - G20) kg/h 51.7
Flue gas temperature – maximum °C 45
NOx emission, dry air free,European Class 5. Maximum (at part load) mg/kWh 24
Pressure at the flue outlet only (B23) with zero pressure at air inlet Pa 52
Start current–maximum (maximum power) A (W) 0.59 (135)
Run current–maximum (maximum power) A (W) 0.2 (45)
Electrical supply Vac 230 V 1 PH 50 Hz
Voltage tolerance % of Vac -15% +10%
Noise level @2m from flue terminal dB(A) <45
Number of (power) anodes - 1
Weight when empty kg 196
Approximate shipping weight kg 215
Maximum floor load/ weight filled with water kg 423


Dorchester DR-FC Evo brochure

Product brochures 4936 kb

Dorchester DR-FC Evo 25-120 installation manual

Installers guides 4040 kb

Dorchester DR-FC Evo hydraulic schemes

Hydraulic schematics 249 kb

Dorchester DR-FC-Evo 120 CAD

CAD 49 kb

Dorchester DR-FC-Evo 25 CAD

CAD 48 kb

Dorchester DR-FC-Evo 30 CAD

CAD 48 kb

Dorchester DR-FC-Evo 45 CAD

CAD 48 kb

Dorchester DR-FC-Evo 60 CAD

CAD 48 kb

Dorchester DR-FC-Evo 80 CAD

CAD 49 kb

Dorchester DR-FC-Evo 95 CAD

CAD 50 kb

Dorchester DR-FC-Evo seasonal efficiency sheet

Seasonal efficiency sheets 86 kb

Ideal uses/applications

Optional extras

  • Unvented water supply kit - essential for any unvented application and includes an expansion vessel sized for the water heater and local pipework only.
  • Top to bottom pump recirculation pump kit to prevent stratification and protect against legionella within the water heater.
  • Remote monitoring unit.
  • Room Sealed Flue Systems:
    • Concentric flue systems type C13–Horizontal termination.
    • Concentric flue systems type C33–Vertical termination.
    • Twin duct flue systems type C53–Vertical flue termination with Horizontal air inlet.
  • Conventional Open Flue Systems:
    • Open flue systems type B23–Vertical termination.
  • Choose from a wide range of service contracts to help maintain optimum performance.
  • Ensure your new Hamworthy products are set to our recommendations and benefit from improved warranty terms with a commissioning package.

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Building: Special needs school refurbishment

Application: Space heating, 360kW, direct fired DHW

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Hamworthy's wall hung Stratton boilers and Dorchester DR-FC water heaters deliver efficient heating and hot water to Nottingham University.

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Project: A four million pound development has seen the construction of two new sports pavilions with a high demand for hot water.

Building: New build, sports complex

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Molesey Hospital updated their heating and hot water system with Hamworthy boilers and water heaters.

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Drayton Manor benefits from Hamworthy high efficiency steel shell boilers and direct-fired condensing water heaters.

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Sector: Hotel and leisure

Project: Guests benefit from the installation of three new Dorchester DR-FC Evo water heaters and two Ensbury LT 370 low temperature steel boilers.

Building: New build hotel

Application: Domestic hot water, 5787 litres/hour. Space heating, 740kW

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