Control your office heating efficiently

Comfortable working temperatures help improve the productivity of staff. That’s a fact. 

Offices can be some of the least efficient premises across the UK. This is mainly due to office heating not being managed correctly (I’m too hot I’ll just open the window!). The use of condensing boilers coupled with weather compensation controls and the right building zoning could save businesses huge amounts of money on their gas bills, and reduce their impact on the environment.

See how the buildings below are effectively using boiler controls and condensing boilers to improve their energy efficiency.


Christchurch Police Station

Christchurch Police Station installed four of Hamworthy's oil-fired steel boilers.

Steel boilers from Hamworthy were the ideal solution for this dual-purpose building in Dorset.

Sector: Public sector
Building: Dual-purpose building – police station and adult education centre
Products: Ensbury pressure jet boiler, Burstock expansion vessel, Chesil pressurisation unit
Application: Space heating
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The Hive Office Building

The Hive is a new build office which has been lauded for its environmental achievements. Modular boilers helped it to achieve an excellent BREEAM rating.

A Wessex ModuMax boiler is making a valuable contribution to this landmark building’s excellent environmental credentials.

Sector: Sustainable construction
Building: New build office space
Products: Wessex ModuMax mk3 boiler
Application: Space heating, 750kW
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