Boiler sequence controller for up to 15 modules in cascade or unison mode.

A common controls platform that can be used with the Wessex ModuMax mk3, Upton, Stratton mk2, Varmax and Purewell Variheat mk2 modular boilers.


Warranty 2 product item
  • Allows efficient control of commercial heating and hot water plant.
  • Reduce energy usage and save money on your heating gas bills through accurate load matching of a multiple boiler system.
  • Intelligent temperature control functions.
  • Reduces carbon emissions of system.
  • Ensures even use of boilers improving life expectancy.
  • Choice of hard wired or easy to install wireless sensors.
  • Choice of boiler control strategy including DHW management, standalone control or integration with a BMS.
  • Satisfies the Building Regulations recommended minimum standards.
  • 1% heating efficiency credit point available for sequential control of multiple boiler systems when replacing in existing buildings (Building Regs Part L).
  • Choice of loose kit for installation with plant room control panel or as a pre-housed unit for independent wall mounting.
  • Buy in confidence from a UK manufacturer with decades of commercial heating and hot water expertise.
For technical data please refer to the product brochure in the downloads tab.
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Merley sequence controller brochure Merley sequence controller brochure Product brochures 1844 kb Download
Merley sequence controller dimensions Merley sequence controller dimensions Dimensions 168 kb Download
Merley boiler sequence controller installation manual Merley boiler sequence controller installation manual Installers guides 2228 kb Download
Merley sequence controls wiring diagram Merley sequence controls wiring diagram Wiring diagrams 75 kb Download
  • Multiple boiler systems.
  • Loose kit controller.
  • External air sensor.
  • Choice of room sensors.
  • Hard wired controls.
  • Wireless controls.
  • Domestic hot water sensor.
  • Strap on flow temperature sensor.