Clenston air and dirt separator

Air and dirt separator for the removal of dissolved gases and dirt particles from heating systems.

Available in 7 models to suit pipe sizes of DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150 and DN200.

Warranty 2 product item

Product information

    • Protects boilers and heating system against corrosion, pump failure and other problems caused by air, dirt and sludge in the heating system.
    • Promotes longer system life through air and dirt elimination.
    • Saves time when servicing / commissioning as the unit can be flushed whilst the system is operational.
    • Large collector capacity reduces need for flushing.
    • Clenston air and dirt separator units are suitable for bi-directional flow.
    • Saves space and costs by combining the removal of both air and dirt in one unit.
    • Buy in confidence from a UK manufacturer with decades of commercial heating and hot water expertise.

Technical data

CL-50 CL-65
Nominal bore (mm) 50 65
Pipe connection DN50-PN16 DN65-PN16
Dry weight (kg) 15 16
Volume flow rate*
(m3/ hr) 12.2 20.4
(l/s) 3.39 5.67
Optimum boiler power* (kW)
@11°C ΔT 156 261
@20°C ΔT 283 474
@30°C ΔT 425 711
*@ Nominal fluid velocity through Clenston = 1.5m/s


Clenston air and dirt separator brochure

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Clenston air and dirt separator technical data table

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Clenston air and dirt separator installation manual

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Ideal uses/applications

  • Matched for use with Hamworthy boilers
  • Refurbishment projects with old, dirty heating systems

Optional extras

  • There are no optional extras for this product.

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