Our BIM objects offer a host of configurable options built in for you. They are loaded with extensive metadata including size, outputs, efficiencies, dimensions, clearance zones and pipe kit options. All models in a product range are incorporated in one type catalogue. For help with loading a model into your project from the type catalogue please refer to the user guide that is included in the download.

The benefits of BIM are huge, including improved collaboration and design co-ordination. Wastage in materials and on-site production are reduced and BIM will also assist in asset and lifecycle management.

And, since the 4th April 2016 Government BIM mandate all centrally procured government funded public sector projects must be implemented in BIM Level 2. You can read more about this here.

Please select and download the BIM objects you require below (the BIM downloads are on two pages, so if you cannot see the model you require please check page 2).

Hamworthy BIM objects are Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) components. This means that all necessary connections and data for design and analysis are Revit MEP systems compatible. They are also available in a neutral platform version, for use with additional software programmes. 

If you require any assistance or need the models in a format other than Revit please contact us.