Hamworthy Heating Boiling Point Autumn - Winter 2019

Find all current and past issues at hamworthy-heating.com/boiling-point-magazine Got a question? With commercial heating and hot water knowledge on tap, don’t hesitate to get in touch: Looking for technical info? You can visit the online technical library to download full product info including CAD files, BIM objects & data tables. hamworthy-heating.com /technical-library CREDITS Cover: A burner in action - the temperature at which fuel is burnt is one of the deciding factors of NO x emission production in a boiler. On the way to net zero We've committed and now there's the question how to get there. Our recap on the Committee on Climate Change's annual report and what heating in the future might look like. Industry views We hear Ross Anderson's thoughts on the Medium Combustion Plant Directive. Keeping up with skills We've been busier than ever training our customers. Get to know your options to book CIBSE-accredited CPD courses or product training. Bourne View case study A state-of-the-art care home turned to Hamworthy for high efficiency boilers and direct fired water heaters for the brand new facility in Poole, Dorset. Contributors Sales: 01202 662552 Service: 01202 662555 Spares: 01202 662525 Technical: 01202 662505  hamworthy  @heatingatwork  hamworthy-heating-ltd  HamworthyHeating AUTUMN / WINTER 19 In this issue: FEATURE: It's a hard NOx life Nitrogen oxide emissions have become the recent focus of legislation. We investigate factors that influence their production and what standards are applied to measure them. Julia Maul Marketing Communications Executive, Hamworthy Heating Andy Dabin Product Manager, Hamworthy Heating Ross Anderson Director, ICOM P4-5 P8 P9 P10-11 P6-7