Hamworthy Heating Boiling Point Autumn - Winter 2019

Sam Boshier Editor/Marketing Manager FROM THE EDITOR Dates for your Diary Roadshow We’re bringing our boilers to your doorstep: 21 Oct - 8 Nov SCOTLAND 11 Nov - 23 Nov EAST MIDLANDS Full schedule & booking available at hamworthy-heating. com/tour 21 Nov BESA Awards – Sponsor of Building Services Engineer Apprenticeship Award Last issue of Boiling Point started with a mention of Brexit, as we were rapidly approaching the leave deadline when we went to print. Six months down the line, we find ourselves in a similar position: We're supposed to leave on 31st October - with or without a deal. What's going to happen? Who can tell. It is the uncertainty, of not just Brexit, but regulations, carbon emission targets and other Government initiatives that often holds our industry back. The RHI made solar and biomass an attractive technology to install but then the scheme was changed. CHP has been a popular choice in recent years but now we are seeing some projects scale this back. Hydrogen, electric, wind, solar, what will be the fuel of the future? We have recently attended industry events to hear more about what the future will bring. I don’t think there can be one answer, it will be a combination of technologies and fuels. Short changed It’s not just trends in technologies that are changing but also Government funding and regulations. The Cleaner Heat Cashback scheme was reduced not long after it was launched. And you can see from the CCC report that we summarise on pages 4/5 , the UK, again, hasn’t been making as much progress as we should towards carbon emissions reductions. Theresa may have put a stake in the ground, but it’s time to start seeing action rather than words. Investing in people I am proud to say at Hamworthy, we are investing in people – the employees already here and new ones joining the family. At a time when businesses are scaling back and we hear stories of ‘people being replaced by machines’, we still see the value of having a real person on the end of the phone or on site. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t use technology to enhance service. Over the coming months you will see some new features online from Hamworthy that will support you in doing your job – watch this space! Keep on learning Part of the investment we’ve been making has been in trainers and training facilities. We now have locations across the UK (Leeds, Wokingham, London and Poole) available for training. Turn to page 9 to see what is available and how attendees have benefited. Groupe giving To continue the positive ending, it was great to see the final amount Groupe Atlantic UK, ROI and North America Divisions raised for Macmillan in 2018-19 – enough to fund a nurse for 9 months. And all the hard work has not gone unnoticed with the initiative being shortlisted for the HVR Community Spirit Award. We're continuing our support for them this year with all brands in GA UK working towards a target of funding 150 heating grants. Macmillan Grants are small payments to help people with the extra costs that cancer can cause. They are usually a one-off payment and for people who have a low level of income and savings. We are well on track and you can read about some of the campaigns we have run this year on our website, including a plant sale by one of our service team’s daughter and the recent ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’. Best Wishes Sam Boshier Editor/Marketing Manager Did you know? During the economic slump of the 1920s Hamworthy Engineering developed other products and markets in order to survive. A most unlikely side-line included pickles and jams produced by the canteen’s French chef. >£40k raised since Feb 2018 for Macmillan Cancer Support by Groupe Atlantic UK brands