Big Book of Hamworthy Products and Services

76 Products that perform | Service that delivers | People that care IMPORTANCE OF A CLEAN SYSTEM A clean system without the presence of dirt and air particles promotes longer system life. A Clenston air and dirt separator protects against system corrosion, pump failure and other problems caused by air, dirt and sludge. Stay up to date Published twice a year, Boiling Point magazine is packed full of industry news, interviews, feature articles, Hamworthy product updates and lots more. 01202 662500 • VIEWSFROM THE INDUSTRY P8-9 DANUBIUSHOTEL CASESTUDY P6-7 THERE’SAHAMWORTHY BOILERFORTHAT P10-11 SPRING / SUMMER 19 IT’S HARD TO PART But it doesn’t have to be – how to combine new and old heating circuits with hydraulic separation P4-5 Clenston air and dirt separator MODELS PIPE SIZES DN50- DN200 7 ‰‰ Combines the removal of both air and dirt in a single unit ‰‰ Protects boilers and helps prevent pump failure, energy loss and corrosion ‰‰ Carbon steel pipe ‰‰ Stainless steel concentrator ‰‰ Flanged to BS4504 PN16 ‰‰ Brass automatic air vent ‰‰ 1 " BSP flushing valve ‰‰ Supplied with gasket and bolts for system mounting ‰‰ Working pressure up to 10 bar Key benefits: Air collects in the air chamber before being removed by the high capacity automatic air vent (AAV). Dirt and sludge are removed via a ball valve at the bottom of the unit. Air and dirt separator for the removal of dissolved gases and dirt particles from heating systems.