Big Book of Hamworthy Products and Services

Products that perform | Service that delivers | People that care 74 15 CONTROLS UP TO MODULES Merley sequence controller ‰‰ Energy saving functionality ‰‰ Reduces carbon emissions by accurately matching load ‰‰ Lead boiler rotation and load sharing ‰‰ Intelligent self-learning control ‰‰ Versatile control strategies ‰‰ Heating zone and DHW management Key benefits: A common control platform that can be used with the Wessex ModuMax mk3, Stratton mk2, Varmax, Upton and Purewell Variheat mk2 condensing boilers. ‰‰ Loose kit controller ‰‰ External air sensor ‰‰ Choice of room sensors ‰‰ Hard wired controls ‰‰ Domestic hot water sensor ‰‰ Strap on flow temperature sensor Options: Boiler sequence controller for up to 15 modules in cascade or unison mode. 144 96 90 27 17 43 (144) 138 (96) 92 0.5...3.0 Display unit Fascia panel cut-out for mounting display unit 70 281 Front view Side view 4x Mounting holes 4.5mm dia 121 BOILER SEQUENCE CONTROLLER 400 150 300 Electrical cable gland plate located on underside of control panel (6 x loose 20mm glands supplied) 10mm Dia. mounting hole locations DIMENSIONS Display unit dimensions Wall mounted dimensions Loose kit dimensions