Big Book of Hamworthy Products and Services

68 Products that perform | Service that delivers | People that care MODELS SOLAR COLLECTORS 1-30 2 Solar Trigon solar thermal ‰‰ Designed for commercial solar applications ‰‰ Optimised use of solar energy ‰‰ Full integration with hot water system ‰‰ Pre-programmed schemes for easy set up ‰‰ Intelligent power saving controllers ‰‰ Proven low-carbon solution ‰‰ Suitable for RHI funding - Solar KEYMARK certified Key benefits: Trigon solar water heating equipment integrates highly efficient solar thermal energy into traditional heating and hot water systems for commercial applications. NEED HELP WITH SIZING TRIGON SOLAR COLLECTORS We have extensive knowledge and years of experience to assist in the sizing and specification of solar thermal systems. We use an industry recognised solar sizing programme based on energy simulation to give projections of solar efficiency, carbon reduction & energy saving. • 5 year guarantee • Absorber with ‘meander’ pipe layout for even heat distribution • Flexible connectors • Tough, yet lightweight - 3.2mm safely glass • Rapid assembly of collector arrays • 60mm Rockwool insulation ‰‰ Horizontal or vertical collectors ‰‰ Single or dual aspect fields ‰‰ Modular array mounting kits ‰‰ Solar transfer stations with standard or advanced controllers ‰‰ Heat metering ‰‰ Data loggers ‰‰ Powerstock calorifiers or storage tanks ‰‰ Dorchester direct fired water heaters Options: Solar thermal hot water solutions including solar collectors, solar transfer stations and controllers.