Big Book of Hamworthy Products and Services

50 Products that perform | Service that delivers | People that care Introducing our hot water range Dorchester direct fired water heaters All Dorchester ranges are built to last using high quality steel tanks and heat exchangers. For the safe production of potable hot water, a high quality vitreous enamel glaze is baked on to all tank interior and heat exchanger surfaces, creating a hygienic surface finish which gives excellent protection against corrosion. Additional corrosion protection is provided by either electrical anode protection or sacrificial magnesium anode systems, depending on the range and options selected. All units are supplied fully insulated with CFC-free foam to minimise standing losses. We’ve got one of the largest range of natural gas, LPG, and solar powered products for the safe production of domestic hot water in commercial applications. These include direct fired water heaters, calorifiers and storage tanks, and solar hot water solutions. This guide gives you an overview of Hamworthy products for DHW (Domestic Hot Water) generation, covering single units with maximum power ranging from 31.3kW to 119.4kW, and maximum continuous output ranging from 228 litres/hour to 2,400 litres/hour. With such a wide choice of products available from Hamworthy, and with more than one potential solution to your DHW application, we always recommend that you discuss your requirements with our sales engineers or our dedicated hot water expert. Years of experience in commercial DHW systems and in-depth knowledge of Hamworthy products, means they will be able to help you focus in on solutions that best fit your requirements. Powerstock calorifiers and storage tanks The Hamworthy range of Powerstock calorifiers offers a flexible approach to indirect heating and storage of hot water, using a choice of energy sources. High efficiency gas fired boilers are commonly used with calorifiers as the primary energy source, but with the trend towards incorporating renewable energy into DHW systems, alternative technologies can also be used. Powerstock calorifiers and storage tanks are all approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Service (WRAS). Cylinders are constructed from high grade steel with a high quality vitreous enamel lining. The five largest units in the Powerstock calorifier range incorporate a twin coil arrangement where two separate heat sources can be used. Halstock calorifiers The Halstock range of calorifiers provide an alternative to the Powerstock where stainless steel is the preferred choice. Stainless steel cylinders are often chosen for their anode-free corrosion protection, particularly in areas of the country with soft water. A highly durable, simple and easy to maintain product for efficient generation of domestic hot water. The Halstock range has 5 models available in open vented and unvented options. All models are approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Service (WRAS). There are 18 models across 3 different ranges in the Dorchester product group, including condensing and solar options. Dorchester DR-TC and Trigon solar thermal hot water For those considering integrating solar energy into commercial hot water systems, we offer two solar thermal hot water systems, the Trigon solar system and Dorchester DR-TC solar system. The diagram on page 53 shows the two different types of schemes and their key components. With correct design and installation plus the use of intelligent controls, solar thermal systems can use free solar energy by harnessing the power of the sun to reduce gas bills and help combat climate change. There are 7 models in the Powerstock calorifier range and 4 models of storage tanks.