Big Book of Hamworthy Products and Services

46 Products that perform | Service that delivers | People that care Range Application No. of models Boiler outputs Arne Eco Individual boilers 12 95 to 5630kW Arne Eco Turbo Multiple boilers 4 400 to 1430kW Arne Eco economiser kW OUTPUT USE WITH BOILERS MODELS up to 5630 16 ‰‰ Saves money and increases boiler efficiency by extracting heat from the boiler flue gases ‰‰ Increases boiler efficiency by up to 18% ‰‰ Versatile design gives the ability to be used in both new and existing installations ‰‰ Manufactured using high quality stainless steel tubes Install with new and existing non-condensing, power flame boilers to increase efficiency by up to 18%. INCREASE EFFICIENCY Key benefits: Available in 18 models for use with both individual and multiple boiler applications. OFTEN BOUGHT WITH ENSBURY & MELBURY HE The Arne Eco economiser is especially suited for installation with floor standing sectional or steel shell power flame boilers such as Ha mworthy’s Ensbury (page 42) and Melbury HE (page 38). ‰‰ Choice of flue connection to the side or rear Options: Flue gas economiser for use with non-condensing power flame boilers.