Big Book of Hamworthy Products and Services

42 Products that perform | Service that delivers | People that care 3:1 up to Turndown Nat Gas LPG Oil Biofuel Dual fuel 86 up to GrossSeasonal Efficiency % kW OUTPUT MODELS 440-580 3 Ensbury boiler ‰‰ Suitable for heating systems with low temperature return ‰‰ Close load matching ‰‰ Wide differential temperature tolerant ‰‰ No minimum water flow ‰‰ Low standing losses ‰‰ Robust heat exchanger design ‰‰ Lower NOx emissions ‰‰ Sustainable energy solutions Choose liquid biofuel for this boiler range to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and lower carbon emissions. See how a London city centre developm ent used biofuel on page 44. SUSTAINABLE ENERGY OPTION Key benefits: Using innovative design for delivering excellent hydraulic and combustion performance, the Ensbury offers versatility in system applications. ‰‰ Natural gas, LPG propane, oil, biofuel or dual fuel burners ‰‰ High/low or modulating burners ‰‰ Low NOx burners ‰‰ Flue gas economiser (see page 46) Options: Low temperature, high efficiency, floor standing steel boiler. ARNE ECONOMISER Increase the system efficiency by combining the Ensbury with the Arne flue gas economiser. Use with single & multiple boiler applications. See page 46 f or more information. INNOVATIVE DESIGN Design features enable return temperatures to as low as 15°C whilst preventing the formation of condensate. Combined with the low flow capability this allows the Ensbury to operate with a wider differential temperature and tolerate fluctuating operating conditions. Minimum flow temperature must be maintained. Injection chamber System flow System return Hot water flow