Big Book of Hamworthy Products and Services

38 Products that perform | Service that delivers | People that care 4:1 up to Turndown Nat Gas Oil Biofuel Dual fuel 84 up to GrossSeasonal Efficiency % kW OUTPUT MODELS 530-10000 19 Melbury HE boiler ‰‰ Cost effective solution for high system loads ‰‰ Sustainable energy solutions ‰‰ Economical and reliable operation ‰‰ No minimum water flow ‰‰ Low standing losses ‰‰ Robust heat exchanger design ‰‰ Lower NOx emissions Key benefits: For buildings with high heating demands, the Melbury HE provides excellent performance for low temperature hot water. ‰‰ Natural gas, oil, biofuel or dual fuel burners ‰‰ High/low or modulation burners ‰‰ Low NOx burners ‰‰ Flue gas economiser (se e page 46) Options: Largest output high efficiency steel shell power flame boiler. The Melbury HE has sufficient thermal mass to absorb residual combustion heat meaning it is not necessary to maintain a flow rate through the boiler. This allows for a more flexible design of the heating system and eliminates the need for primary circuit pumps or boiler shunt pumps, so reducing energy consumption. Back end temperature protection is required. NO MINIMUM FLOW ARNE ECONOMISER Increase the system efficiency by combining the Melbury HE with the Arne flue gas economiser. Use with single & multiple boiler applications. See page 46 f or more information.