Big Book of Hamworthy Products and Services

22 Products that perform | Service that delivers | People that care kW OUTPUT MODELS 98-1046 18 Upton boiler ‰‰ Highly efficient for energy saving and compliance with legislation ‰‰ High turndown ratio enables close load matching for improved efficiencies ‰‰ Gas and water connections identical across range ‰‰ Easy access for service and system cleaning ‰‰ Advanced controls platform with integrated sequence control ‰‰ Low noise for installation close to building occupants ‰‰ Environmentally friendly low NOx emission – European class 6 ‰‰ 6 bar rated heat cell ‰‰ Air inlet filter for clean combustion and reduced noise. ‰‰ A complete primary circuit solution when choosing Hamworthy pipework kits and options Key benefits: The compact space-saving, vertically stacked design means more than 1MW output can sit on less than 1 square metre footprint. ALUMINIUM SECTIONAL HEAT EXCHANGER IDENTICAL CONNECTIONS ACROSS RANGE Quick to respond with low water content Excellent heat transfer properties Lightweight and compact Parallel water flow for an even surface temperature 5-year warranty Gas and water connection positions identical across whole range, making it easier to change boiler output/model with minimal impact on design and pipework. ‰‰ Pipework header kits, with optional matched pumps ‰‰ Low loss header with integrated air and dirt separator ‰‰ 3 port manifold ‰‰ Blanking plates ‰‰ Multiple boiler controls ‰‰ Room & outside temperature sensors ‰‰ LPB bus communications modules ‰‰ Zone control ‰‰ DHW cylinder sensor kit Options: Vertically-stacked, fully-modulating condensing pre-mix, gas-fired aluminium boiler. BIM Objects BIM Objects Heat Exchanger Warranty ErP Part L Compliant Nat Gas LPG 15:1 up to Turndown 97 up to GrossSeasonal Efficiency % An ideal choice for new build, city centre, rooftop, basement or packaged plant rooms. 1MW FROM 1M²