Big Book of Hamworthy Products and Services

14 Products that perform | Service that delivers | People that care Stratton mk2 boiler ErP Part L Compliant BIM Objects 96 up to GrossSeasonal Efficiency % Nat Gas LPG 5:1 up to Turndown Heat Exchanger Warranty MODELS kW OUTPUT 43-146 7 ‰‰ Durable stainless steel heat exchanger ‰‰ Accurate load matching ‰‰ Fully modulating for greater performance ‰‰ Quiet operation <60dB(A) ‰‰ Integral boiler sequence controller ‰‰ Space saving flue arrangement ‰‰ Ease of service and maintenance ‰‰ All connections are located in a recess on the underside of the boiler to avoid damage ‰‰ Factory tested ‰‰ Some models qualified for Energy Technology List (scheme closing April 2020) Integrated flue gas non return valve and optional low height frame kits enables it to fit in restricted space plant rooms. Total height of less than 2.2m to top of flue header when using our low height pipe kit. LOW HEIGHT Key benefits: This compact, high efficiency wall hung boiler features a robust heat exchanger designed in stainless steel for corrosion resistance and long life. EASY TO INSTALL Pipework kits. Fully welded boiler mounting frames. Simple hook arrangement for fast mounting. Low loss header & 6 port manifold option. ErP compliant boiler shunt pumps. ADVANCED BUILT IN SIEMENS LMS CONTROLS Control up to 16 boilers, multiple heating circuits and a hot water circuit using the master/slave principle. Choice of cascade or unison sequencing strategies. Lead boiler rotation. May remove the need for a Building Management System (BMS) on some sites. ‰‰ Single and multiple boiler controls ‰‰ External boiler sequencing cascade controller ‰‰ Room and outside temperature sensors ‰‰ LPB bus communications module ‰‰ Natural gas or LPG (up to S2-100) ‰‰ Pipe kits and low loss header ‰‰ Support frame kits ‰‰ Flue header kits Options: Wall hung condensing commercial boiler with a stainless steel heat exchanger.