Boiling Point Spring Summer 2019

 @hamworthy  @heatingatwork  hamworthy-heating-ltd  HamworthyHeating Products that perform | Service that delivers | People that care 7 The Danubius Hotel Regents Park made an investment to modernise their boiler plant, upgrading their ageing boilers that had reached the end of their life cycle. Contractor SPIE UK and Hamworthy Heating delivered a space-saving solution to provide heating and hot water without interruption for the busy hotel. Located by Lord’s Cricket Ground, Regents Park and the renowned Wellington Hospital in central London, the Danubius Hotel is a popular destination for travellers and business people alike. With 360 bedrooms/suites and a fitness centre, a reliable heating and hot water supply is crucial. Prior to the refurbishment, this was provided by 14 cast iron atmospheric boilers with a total output of 3,850kW. However, faulty components and gas leaks indicated the end of their life. The Challenges  Hotel had to be kept running 24/7 during the change  Constant stream of incoming travellers from local airports made downtime impossible  10 bar working pressure boiler required due to the height of the building  Two banks of seven atmospheric boilers each (14 in total) with individual shunt pumps  System pump to circulate water around the installation  Each bank with own flue with a flue dilution fan per independent flue  Review of existing flue system due to upgrade to condensing boilers The Solution With comments from Jason Avery, senior project manager at SPIE UK Ltd.  Four Wessex ModuMax mk3 WM254/762 (3-high stacks) modular condensing boilers with a total output of 3,048kW “We chose the Wessex ModuMax mk3 boiler due to their slim profile and the 10 bar working pressure. It’s also efficient, streamline, compact and easy to use. The alternative, a competitor product, only had a safe working pressure of 6 bar." C ase Study HEATINGUNDER PRESSURE AT THE DANUBIUS HOTEL  Pipe header kits " We opted for the matching pipe header also from Hamworthy because they’re a simple piece of kit. When the boilers are all lined up and within a couple of hours the headers bolted to them, it sure does look impressive to your clients when walking around. Easy to install, just nuts and bolts and a level."  Remote signal kit " For the controls, we chose the interface kit to give the boilers full rotation via the Building Management System to ensure even use across the equipment. It also allows full modular control to suit the system characteristics, meaning the boilers will match the load and operate as efficiently as possible.”  Installation of a FuranFlex composite liner in the flue “Firstly, we removed the stainless steel liner up to the roof. With the use of CCTV, our team inspected the concrete fabricated existing flue. We then used FuranFlex composite liners in the existing chimney stacks to deal with the condensate and pressure of the new boilers. After applying the flue liner, we cut a spigot into the wall to be upgraded to 600mm up to the flue dilution fans from which it was reduced to 500mm to the main stack. We used an N+1 configuration on the flue dilution fan system with a double- pole switch, so that in the event of a failure, we had a backup and automatic changeover would occur.”  Entirely new pipework system and valves, including 11 metre long low loss header and interconnecting pipework “The main benefit of starting from scratch was that it allowed us to install a new system (primary circuit) to the boilers and then start interfacing this with the old pipework, effectively creating a hydraulically separated system and ‘re- energising’ the existing one. This is why we needed the boilers earlier than anticipated. The entire project during which we converted the heating system from open-vented to closed took us nine weeks from the start to completion. We had to locate all heating pumps from a small plant room to the main plant room. We also installed new isolating valves, circulating pumps, expansion vessels, a pressurisation unit and a side stream filtration unit. On the controls side, we set up a whole new building management system and motor control centre panel (including containment and steel wire armoured cables). Lastly, we upgraded the hot water system by replacing eight 750 litre units of hot water calorifiers with six 1,000 litre units and updated the new cold water feed and secondary pipework.”  Commissioning of the new heating system carried out by Hamworthy "After finishing the installation, we chose Hamworthy to commission our boilers because it extends the warranty and keeps it clean – I wouldn’t have it any other way. Their team is very knowledgeable about their own products and commission thoroughly. I have worked with Hamworthy for nearly 10 years across projects and have a good relationship with the sales managers. We always receive excellent support and service, before and after sales. Since the installation, we have noticed massive improvements in gas consumption. Where the boilers before always seemed to be at 50% or 100%, the noticeable turndown on the Wessex ModuMax boilers is amazing." FEATURED PRODUCT Results • Successful refurbishment without interruption neither to heating nor hot water supply to the busy hotel • Compact boilers provide sufficient pressure for the height of the building and high turndown achieves significant energy savings • Complete overhaul of the heating system including installation of new pipework and low loss header ensures good system performance for reliability and easier maintenance • Extended warranty and peace of mind thanks to boiler commissioning by Hamworthy Wessex ModuMax mk3 boiler Modular condensing boiler with stainless steel heat exchanger • 15 models, outputs from 97-762kW • Space-saving, stackable modular design • Flexibility in system design up to 40°C Δ T • 10 bar max working pressure for tall buildings • 10-year heat exchanger warranty • Low water content, quick heat up time, minimal standing losses • Built-in boiler sequence controls • Matched pipe kits available London 6 SPRING / SUMMER 19