Hamworthy Boiling Point Autumn Winter 2018

9 Products that perform | Service that delivers | People that care ?  @hamworthy  @heatingatwork  hamworthy-heating-ltd  HamworthyHeating How much cashback can be claimed? Percentage of total heating system replacement cost covered by Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme Old system New system Outside Air Quality Focus Area Inside Air Quality Focus Area Gas/Oil/Coal/LPG Boiler Gas boiler 30 35 Heat pump 35 40 Hybrid systems (solar thermal) 35 40 Heat network 35 40 LPG boiler LPG boiler 30 35 Biomass boiler Heat pump 35 40 Heat network 35 40 £ Air Quality Focus Areas can be seen on this map: www.london.gov.uk/sites/default/files/london-air-quality-focus-area.pdf What costs can be reclaimed?  CapEx* of new equipment that fulfil requirements  CapEx of system ancillaries (except for new radiators/heat emitters, upgraded BMS)  Removal of old boiler and flue  Installation of replacement heating & connection to existing heating system (excluding ancillary works such as new radiators or pipework)  System cleaning, first fill water treatment and recommissioning in line with best practice  Metering - heat meters (but NOT electricity meters, submeters)  Heat networks: removal of old boiler including redundant ancillaries, CapEx of Heat Interface Units (HIUs) with integrated controls and their installation, pipework connection to an existing network up to 50m away (but NOT changing of radiators/emitters, heat metering, upgrade of controls/BMS, complete disconnection from gas mains, pipework connection to existing heat network >50m away) Is there a maximum amount of cashback? No maximum amount, but applications > £70,000 will be looked at more closely.  How do you become an approved installer? Contact your local sales manager to find out about the approved installer scheme. Any installations carried out under the scheme must be commissioned by Hamworthy. To find your local sales manager, visit hamworthy-heating.com/contact-your- local-sales-manager  Find out more www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/business-and- economy/cleaner-heat-cashback Frequently Asked Questions: www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/business-and- economy/cleaner-heat-cashback/cleaner-heat- cashback-faqs Hamworthy website: hamworthy-heating.com/cleaner-heat-cashback What happens after the application? 1. The application will be reviewed. If successful, a voucher will be sent out which is valid for six months after the installation has been completed and invoiced. 2. The new heating system is installed. 3. The applicant has to send the cashback voucher, invoice and other required documents in and will be reimbursed straight to the bank account.  *CapEx = Capital Expenditure Every effort has been taken to ensure the details in this guide are accurate. Hamworthy Heating does not, however, guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information nor does it accept liability for any errors or omissions in the information.