Hamworthy Boiling Point Autumn Winter 2018

AUTUMN / WINTER 18 8 The newest incentive - The Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme (London) IMPROVING AIR QUALITY IN THE UK Air pollution is the top environmental risk to human health in the UK, shortening lives and contributing to chronic illness. Measures have been put into place to reduce nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ) emissions around roads from transport. Further measures are planned to reduce emissions at home, from farming and the industry. The strategy aims to lower particulate matter emissions by 30% by 2020 and by 46% by 2030. The Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme was introduced to boost energy efficiency across London, reduce the carbon and NO x emissions produced by heating non-domestic buildings and hence lower air pollution which comes at an economic cost of approximately £3.7 billion per year. of London’s NO x emissions stem from commercial gas consumption of carbon emissions come from non- domestic buildings 7% 40% There are £10m available from the fund and it is running from 30th July 2018 until 31st March 2020 – or until the money is gone. £ Who can apply... Small or Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) based in Greater London: employ < 250 persons, annual turnover ≤ €50m/annual balance sheet ≤ €43m. Applicants can be building owners or tenants with the responsibility for maintenance or with the permission from the landlord. ... and what can be replaced?  E E E E e e Existing gas/oil/LPG boiler ≥ 10 years  Coal/biomass boiler of any age  ≥ 70kW output (or cascade e.g. 2 x 35kW)  In working order What type of new heating system can be installed?  Gas/LPG boiler ≥ 90% efficient (ErP) with NOx emissions ≤ 40mg/m³  Air source heat pump > 250% efficiency (ErP)  Ground source heat pump > 330% efficiency (ErP)  Hybrid system containing one or more of the above + solar thermal  Connection to a heat network PLUS Installation must be carried out by an accredited, manufacturer-approved installer. 3