Hamworthy Boiling Point Autumn Winter 2018

AUTUMN / WINTER 18 6 Stratford-upon-Avon The Welcombe in William Shakespeare’s birthplace Stratford- upon-Avon is one of Hallmark’s many prestigious hotels in the UK, situated in 157 acres of landscaped grounds with its own spa and golf course. Danny Bulch, Director at Cedar Green Projects, replaced the boilers and water heaters in the hotel, spa and golf club with varying products from the Hamworthy range. They were chosen thanks to their ability to suit a range of applications and overcome the challenges of the project. The main hotel Challenges  Replacement of two large atmospheric boilers on a fan dilution system  Project carried out in winter with high heating and hot water demand  Change from atmospheric to condensing boilers Solution  Wessex ModuMax mk3 196/588V modular condensing boiler with stainless steel heat exchanger and output up to 588kW  Installation of a FuranFlex flue liner to deal with condensate and pressure created by the boilers “We chose the Wessex because it delivers a high output from a small footprint and it’s a tried and tested product. I’ve been working with Hamworthy for a long time and I like their products because they are reliable. We’ve installed a large number of Wessex ModuMax which means we’re very familiar with the product. Thanks to its compact size, the Wessex fitted onto the footprint of only one of the old boilers, so we’ve effectively halved the space needed for the heating equipment. The remaining old working boiler kept the hotel running while we were installing the Wessex ModuMax on the footprint of the second, failed boiler. Whilst we installed the boilers, the flue experts from Midtherm Engineering were able to set up the flue. Once finished, our team of coded welders undertook some complex positional welds whilst the hotel remained open for business as usual. Within only a few hours, the hotel was running on the new Wessex boiler, a virtually seamless changeover with no noticeable loss of heating or hot water. ” Danny Bulch, Director at Cedar Green Projects C ase study AWELCOMBE BOILER REPLACEMENT “We carried out a flue survey of the six flues within the chimney from a scaffold tower. We discovered that there was only one flueway which linked the boiler room to atmosphere. With multiple offsets and a rectangular cross-section, traditional stainless steel flue liners were not practical. Our clear favourite for this application was FuranFlex, a glass fibre reinforced thermosetting resin flue liner which delivered the much-needed flexibility and ability to cope with condensate and pressure created by the boilers. In uncured condition, the soft form allows the liner to be passed through a complicated flue route before being suspended from the scaffolding, once positioned, and then inflated using fast blowers. When complete, a camera survey is carried out to ensure it is free from twists and damage. A bank of steam generators is then connected to the plastic inner sleeve of the liner to slowly cure it under heat, turning it into a hard and smooth material which resembles carbon fibre in appearance. Lastly, we connected the liner to the boiler and installed the new mechanical input ventilation system to complete the installation and make it safe and efficient.” Ian Ford, Flue Division Manager at Midtherm Engineering