The ErP directive sets minimum requirements for products (not just commercial heating products) that use energy. The aim is to reduce carbon emissions and improve efficiencies in support of government targets. The changes have come in phases, starting from 2015. 
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September 2017 changes

Find out about the latest ErP Directive changes
On the 26th September 2017, an update came into force affecting water heaters, boilers and energy labels. Read about the recent changes here.

Read about the 2017 ErP changes

Pressure jet boilers

Ensbury pressure jet boilers
Due to the stricter efficiency and NOx levels implemented under the ErP Directive, many pressure jet boilers will not be available after December 2017.

To understand your options for pressure jet boilers, read here.

Water heaters

ErP Directive for water heaters
When the energy-related products directive first came into force its main focus was boilers. In 2017 and 2018 the focus will become greater on water heaters.

Get ahead and read about the efficiency and NOx standards that are coming for water heaters.

Improved efficiency

Boiler energy efficiency requirements for ErP
From 2015, boilers up to 400kW had to meet certain efficiency levels. This meant we phased out our High Efficiency (HE) boilers as these non-condensing boilers didn’t comply. We also made an early commitment to the legislation and stopped selling atmospheric boilers in 2012.

Read about ErP efficiency requirements

Energy label

Energy label example
The ErP directive requires boilers up to 70kW and water heaters and storage tanks up to 500l to be supplied with an energy efficiency label. These are like the A-G labels already used on consumer goods such as washing machines. Remember it’s just for boilers up to and including 70kW, so most of our boilers won’t have this label; you will only see these on the lower kW outputs of Purewell VariHeat and Stratton mk2 wall hung boilers. 

Take a look at the energy labels required for ErP

Product integrated pumps

ErP compliant pump for Hamworthy's Upton modular boiler.
This change came in the earliest. From August 2015, variable speed circulating pumps must be used inside our boilers. These pumps are larger so if you already have a boiler with a fixed speed pump that needs replacing you will still be able to buy these for spares. Most our boilers now come without pumps inside the boiler and can be purchased as part of the pipework kit accessory.

Understand which boilers have integrated pumps

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