From hot water sizing to maintaining a clean hot water system, it all starts with the system design. The type of commercial hot water system you choose and how you maintain it will depend on your location in the UK and type of project.

See below some of the things to consider when specifying your hot water equipment, from choosing between direct and indirect fired hot water systems to protecting against corrosion.

How do anodes protect your water heater from corrosion?

Selecting the correct anode protection for your commercial water heater.
Do you know how to choose the best anode protection for your hot water cylinder (and why a stainless steel hot water tank doesn’t even need anode protection)? Safety and protection of your hot water tank is crucial for a long life. We investigate corrosion - the silent killer. 
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Sports, Stadiums, and Showers - The science of sizing hot water

How to size hot water for sports facilities.
Sizing hot water for sports facilities can be a complex task. It is a balancing act between meeting the peak demand without oversizing. See how to tackle the numbers and convert the load on your next hot water project.
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Comparing indirect and direct fired systems for hot water generation

Choosing between a direct and indirect fired hot water system.
Do you separate your commercial heating and hot water systems? Take a look at the difference between direct and indirect fired hot water to help you select the most suitable hot water system. 
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