Whether you’re designing a district heating scheme or refurbishing a plant room from atmospheric boilers to condensing boilers we have a number of articles that can guide you through the best practice techniques.

Explore the subject headings below to read about some of the challenges and best practices in commercial boiler installations. If you want to know something that isn’t covered here, just ask us

Why should I consider Hamworthy commissioning my boilers?

Dave Ward, Service Engineer, servicing a Stratton mk2 wall hung boiler.
To gain maximum efficiency from your products it is vital to ensure they are installed and setup correctly. But what does the job comprise, what regulations must engineers adhere to and what are the most common issues encountered? Our Service Engineer Dave sheds light on it.
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How low can your boiler go?

Designing heat networks with modular boilers for accurate load matching.
Modular boilers with large boiler turndown ratio and wide differential temperatures are rising in popularity. Paul Mickleburgh, Area Sales Manager for central London takes a look at the challenges they help overcome in commercial heating system design, in particular heat networks.
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Open or closed?

Comparing open vented systems with sealed heating systems.
When refurbishing a plant room should you retain an open vented system or opt for a sealed system? We explore the difference between the two types of commercial heating systems to help you decide.
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Using wider temperature differentials in commercial heating systems

District heating schemes are being designed with a wider delta T.
Commercial heating systems, in particular district heating networks, are being designed with larger temperature differentials between the flow and return. This has a number of benefits including reduced cost of installation.
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Why you should consider the whole life costs of a heating system

Lifecycle cost analysis of a commercial boiler system.
To understand the true value of upgrading boilers we need to look at the lifecycle costs. You could save up to 35% on energy bills with condensing boilers.
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Changing from atmospheric boilers to condensing boilers

Changing from atmospheric boilers to condensing boilers.
Switching from atmospheric boilers to condensing boilers presents unique challenges and opportunities for heating system efficiency improvements.
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Evolution of cast iron boilers - From 1970s to today

The evolution of Hamworthy cast iron boilers.
Cast iron has long been the choice of material for the manufacture of commercial boilers. See how Hamworthy cast iron boilers have improved over the years.
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