Discover Hamworthy’s commercial boilers and water heaters in Poole.


Our new head office in Poole features a showroom of all our products and large 24 seater meeting room. We can hold CIBSE accredited CPD seminars and showroom tours or you can just pop in for a coffee and chat with one of our team.

Hamworthy HQ in Poole

What commercial boilers and water heaters can I see at Poole?

We have no live firing products at Poole, however our showroom features a large range of our products – old and new.



  • Wessex ModuMax mk2 & mk3 floor standing boilers
  • Purewell VariHeat cast iron boiler
  • Purewell cast iron boiler
  • Stratton mk2 wall hung boiler
  • Varmax floor standing boiler
  • Upton floor standing boiler


Water heaters

  • Powerstock calorifier
  • Dorchester DR-FC Evo water heater
  • Dorchester DR-TC Evo solar water heater
  • Dorchester DR-CC water heater


Additional system equipment

  • Chesil pressurisation unit
  • Burstock expansion vessel
  • Horton dosing pot
  • Clenston air & dirt separator

Where is the Poole head office and showroom?

Wessex House, 
Units 7 & 8 New Fields Business Park, 
Stinsford Road, 
BH17 0NF 

Take a tour

Can't make it to our offices? Why not take a 360 tour of our showroom and discover our full range.

How do I book a visit to Poole HQ?

We can offer showroom tours, CPD events or just a friendly cuppa with our team. If you would like to visit the Hamworthy HQ,please get in touch.