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Our free CIBSE-accredited CPD seminars have already taught over 1800 professionals about refurbishment, energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption in commercial heating and hot water applications. One of those attendees is Damien Norton from the Norton Group.

Damien Norton attends Hamworthy CPD

The Norton Group was set up in 2008 to provide design, installation and maintenance of heating plumbing, and air conditioning. The 28 staff strong company works with schools, local authorities, office buildings, care homes, hotels and high-end housing. We wanted to know more about Damien’s experience with us and our free CPD courses.

Why do you choose to work with Hamworthy Heating?

“We know we won’t have a problem with their reliable commercial boilers and I can trust the knowledge of their sales managers to give me honest recommendations of suitable products. I also like the continuity of their staff in the office and out in the field, it helps us to build a good working relationship. They have quality commercial heating and hot water products, quality support and quality service.”

Which CPD seminars have you attended?

Why did you choose to attend a CPD seminar with Hamworthy?

“We invited Stuart and Ian from the Hamworthy sales team to create a scheme for an upcoming project. During the process they suggested we attend one of their free CPD seminars so we decided to take up the opportunity.”

What did you think about the CPD seminars?

They are time well spent! They give you a good insight into different products and services as well as best practices for designing and looking after heating and hot water systems.”

What have you put into practice from the ‘Best Practice Heating and Hot Water Plant Refurbishment’ CPD?

“Water quality management was a really interesting topic. We’ve now introduced this into all our service contracts. Also the free site survey pad that you get from attending has been rolled out across the business. It helps to give you a structure when you’re on site to ensure you don’t miss anything. This is particularly useful when you’re with a customer who is in a hurry. It can be quite easy to overlook something and the form gives you a handy checklist to guide you through the different elements of the plant room.”

What have you put into practice from the ‘Energy Saving in Commercial Heating and Hot Water’ CPD?

“The Energy Saving CPD gave us a good understanding into why higher upfront costs for long lasting products will pay off down the line. This has helped us explain to our customers the importance of looking at lifetime costs, in particular when they are considering cheaper alternatives. If they are also responsible for maintaining the equipment we get them to think about the life of the product.

This is why we recently specified the cast iron Purewell VariHeat boilers for a residential care home. We explained to the client they were best to choose long lasting, robust products that are backed up by the manufacturer, otherwise any problems would be coming out of their pocket. We know the Purewell VariHeat is a tried and tested boiler that comes with a 10-year warranty so was ideally suited to the project.”

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