Solar heat meter for RHI

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) compliant solar-thermal heat meter. 

Essential for non-domestic RHI claims. 

Warranty 2 product item

Product information

    • This MID class 2 RHI heat meter is fully compliant to monitor eligible heat use for RHI claims in buildings.
    • Calibrated for Tyfocor L @ 40% solution, ready to use with our Trigon solar solutions and Dorchester DR-TC solar water heater.
    • No moving parts make this the ideal choice for long term reliability.
    • Compact, tamper protected unit gives easy to read data, clearly displayed on the unit.
    • Buy in confidence from a UK manufacturer with decades of commercial heating and hot water expertise.

Technical data

Units Trigon 2.3V
Collector output* kW 1.57
Collector yield per annum per m2 absorber area* kWh/m2 785
Optical Efficiency % 80.4
Heat loss coefficient a1 ** W(m2K) 3.235
Heat loss coefficient a1** W(m2K) 0.0117
Max idle temperature °C 194
Irradiation angle correction factor IAM-50 % 94.0
Specific thermal capacity C kJ/(m2K) 5.85
Effective thermal capacity kJ/K 11.75
Max operating pressure bar 10
Solar fluid
Recommended Max flow rate per collector litres/hr. 20
Recommended solar fluid - Propylene glycol e.g. Tyfocor L
Solar fluid dilution (diluted 40% Tyfocor /60% water)
Max solar fluid pressure bar 10
Max stagnation temperature at 1000W/m2 and 30°C °C 194
Solar fluid content litres 1.7
Surface area of collector, gross m2 2.3
Aperture surface area m2 2.0
Effective absorber surface area m2 2.0
Depth of Rockwool Insulation in base of housing mm 55
Angle of installation degrees From 15° to 90°
*@ irradiance 1000W/m2 and 20l/hr/m2 solar fluid flow rate
**(Thermal Transmittance, quadratic (K2) W/m/°C)


Solar heat meter for RHI brochure

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Solar heat meter for RHI installation guide

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Ideal uses/applications

  • Matched for use with Hamworthy Trigon solar thermal hot water system and Dorchester DR-TC solar water heater.

Optional extras

  • RS232 interface module allows read-only access to data for remote monitoring systems.
  • Other interfaces available on request. 

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