Hybrid solar hot water heater with integrated direct fired condensing gas burner for domestic hot water.

2 models available with continuous outputs (@44°C ∆T) of 820 & 1200 l/h.


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  • Power outputs 41-59kW and storage capacity of 388 litres.
  • Saves energy and reduces gas bills by using free solar energy when available.
  • Fits in existing plant room with no back up heat source needed.
  • Safe and efficient domestic hot water generation.
  • Combats climate change with low carbon emissions.
  • Flexible temperature controls to help prioritise solar energy usage.
  • Compatible with Hamworthy Trigon solar thermal panels to ease project co-ordination.
  • Direct fired water heater can be operated independently from solar hot water system to allow a phased installation to spread the cost. 
  • Down firing pre-mix modulating burner reduces the risk of scale build up impacting on the heat transfer.
  • Natural gas and lpg water heater options.
  • Electronic anode fitted as standard.
  • Easy access for service and maintenance.
  • Full solar project assistance with hot water sizing (using T’Sol software) and  a dedicated hot water expert to guide you through product selection.
  • Extensive back up and support from our team of experienced engineers across the UK.
  • Long term commitment to spare parts.
  Dorchester DR-TC model Units DR-TC 40 DR-TC 60
Water Continuous output with 44°C ΔT l/h 820 1200
Continuous output with 50°C ΔT l/h 730 1100
Continuous output with 55°C ΔT l/h 660 930
Storage capacity litres 388 388
Maximum operating water pressure (open vented) bar 8 8
Maximum operating water pressure (unvented) bar 5.5 5.5
T&P valve maximum temperature (unvented systems) °C 97 97
T&P valve maximum pressure (unvented systems) bar 7 7
Energy Gross efficiency % 96 96
Heating-up time, ΔT = 44°C min. 16 11
Heating-up time, ΔT = 50°C min. 18 13
Heating-up time, ΔT = 55°C min. 20 14
Nat Gas Input, gross – maximum kW 43.5 62.1
Input, net - maximum kW 39.2 55.9
Output – maximum kW 41.9 59.3
Gas inlet pressure – nominal mbar 20 20
Gas flow rate – maximum @1013.25 mbar and 15°C m3/h 4.2 6
LPG Input, gross – maximum kW 42.6 60.8
Input, net - maximum kW 39.2 55.9
Output – maximum kW 41.9 59.3
Gas inlet pressure – nominal mbar 37 37
Gas flow rate – maximum@1013.25 mbar and 15°C kg/h 3.1 4.4
Flue Approximate flue gas volume @15°C, 9.0% CO2, N.T.P. (Nat. Gas - G20) kg/h 57.7 81.4
Flue gas temperature – maximum °C 50 60
NOx emission, dry air free,European Class 5. Maximum mg/kWh 51 51
Minimum pressure at flue outlet Pa 94 181
Electrics Water heater only, start current – maximum (maximum power) A (W)  0.6 (135)  0.6 (135)
Water heater only, run current – maximum (maximum power) A (W) 0.52 (120) 0.52 (120)
Transfer station and solar controls interface, run current – (maximum power) A (W) 3.05 (700) 3.05 (700)
Electrical power rating of the solar pump-maximum W 165 165
Nominal supply voltage volts 230V 1PH 50Hz 230V 1PH 50Hz
Solar Recommended solar fluid Propylene glycol e.g. Tyfocor L
(diluted 40% Tyfocor /60% water)
Maximum pressure of solar fluid circuit bar 6 7
Noise level @ 2m distance from roof duct dB(A) <45 <46
Number of (power) anodes - 2 2
Approximate shipping weight kg 245 245
Maximum floor load/ weight filled with water kg 633 633
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Dorchester DR-TC brochure Dorchester DR-TC brochure Product brochures 3580 kb Download
Dorchester DR-TC dimensions Dorchester DR-TC dimensions Dimensions 141 kb Download
Dorchester DR-TC solar water heater technical data table Dorchester DR-TC solar water heater technical data table Data tables 249 kb Download
Dorchester DR-TC installation manual Dorchester DR-TC installation manual Installers guides 2164 kb Download
Dorchester DR-TC water heater wiring diagram Dorchester DR-TC water heater wiring diagram Wiring diagrams 75 kb Download
  • Unvented water supply kit - essential for any unvented application and includes an expansion vessel sized for the water heater and local pipework only.
  • Top to bottom pump recirculation pump kit to prevent stratification within the solar water heater.
  • Remote monitoring unit.
  • Heat metering equipment including RHI compliant apparatus.
  • Dummy sensor kit.
  • Room Sealed Flue Systems:
    • Concentric flue systems type C13–Horizontal termination.
    • Concentric flue systems type C33–Vertical termination.
    • Twin duct flue systems type C53–Vertical flue termination with Horizontal air inlet.
  • Conventional Open Flue Systems:
    • Open flue systems type B23–Vertical termination.
  • Choose from a wide range of service contracts to help maintain optimum performance.
  • Ensure your new Hamworthy products are set to our recommendations and benefit from improved warranty terms with a commissioning package.