Short on space in your boiler room? Time to consider a commercial wall hung boiler.

Wall hung boilers have many benefits and are often favoured for their convenience of use.

Why consider wall hung boilers?

Wall hung boilers, sometimes referred to as wall mounted boilers, have the benefit of being smaller than traditional boilers meaning they are easier to handle and can be installed side-by-side in a modular boiler arrangement.

Fully modulating pre mix burners also ensure that wall hung boilers can accurately match the building loads, and with optional boiler sequence controls, the optimum number of boilers to meet demand is always guaranteed.

Are wall hung boilers harder to install?

No, because a wall mounted boiler doesn’t necessarily have to be mounted on an existing wall. In many cases where an existing wall wouldn’t support the weight of the boiler, steel floor standing frames can be used. This option also comes with the advantage of factory built and tested pipe kits already in place.

 What range of commercial wall hung boilers does Hamworthy offer?

We offer both wall hung LPG boilers and wall hung gas boilers, with the range extending from outputs of 40kW up to 150kW. Both are high efficiency condensing ranges offering performance of up to 97% Gross Seasonal Efficiency, and the wide range of outputs enables systems to be designed using the optimum number of modules. 

All models within the range of wall mounted boilers come with optional frame sets and pipe kits below the boilers, plus room sealed flue with a choice of concentric or twin duct, or open flue header for multiple boilers.

Meet the Stratton mk2 wall hung boiler

Stainless steel, wall hung condensing commercial boiler.

Available in seven models with outputs between 40-146kW.