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Dorchester DR-SE

Permanent pilot, single tube direct gas fired water heater

  • Permanent pilot ignition
  • Single-tube heat exchanger
  • Control thermostat range 40 to 80ºc
  • Magnesium sacrificial anodes
  • Inspection door
  • Flue spillage safety system

The Dorchester DR-SE range is the permanent pilot version, based on the DR-SA, and consists of two models with continuous outputs of 369 litres/hour and 392 litres/hour, based on a 44 C temperature rise. Storage capacities are 278 litres and 372 litres respectively. Two or more water heaters can be installed in a modular configuration where there is demand for larger loads.

The DR-SE is fitted with an atmospheric burner with permanent pilot ignition suitable for firing natural gas or LPG.

The DR-SE is suitable for unvented systems. An optional unvented supply kit contains all of the additional parts required to satisfy the water supply (water fittings) regulations 1999.

Other Dorchester models available include the Dorchester DR-FC Evo condensing range, Dorchester DR-RS room sealed range, the Dorchester DR-LA / DR-LP  multi tube range, the  Dorchester DR-SA  single tube range, and the Dorchester DR-PF power flame range.

Additionally, Hamworthy have introduced a direct fired condensing water heater with a solar coil, the Dorchester DR-TC which can be used as a package to achieve a fully integrated solar solution.

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