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Dorchester DR-FC Evo

Condensing gas fired storage water heaters

  • BIM components available
  • Condensing high efficiency performance
  • Pre-mix modulating burner
  • Room sealed or open flue options
  • Class 5 European Low NOx
  • Exceptionally quiet operation
  • Fully automatic ignition
  • Control thermostat range 40 to 80°C
  • Volt free contact remote alarm indication
  • 7 Day time clock, up to 3 operating periods per day
  • Frost protection thermostat 
  • Top to bottom pump recirculation kit options
  • Electrical anode protection
  • Data Logging facility for operations analysis

The new Dorchester DR-FC Evo range of condensing water heaters from Hamworthy replaces the DR-FC range and brings with it even higher outputs, significant performance improvements and seasonal efficiencies up to 107% nett for commercial water heating applications.

The DR-FC Evo range consists of 7 models with continuous outputs from 600 to 2400 litres/hour, based on a 44°C temperature rise and storage capacities range from 227 to 504 litres. Two or more Dorchester water heaters can be installed where there is demand for larger loads.

Equipped with a modulating pre-mix burner, performance of the Dorchester DR-FC Evo is achieved with overall noise levels below 45dBA, providing exceptionally quiet operation. Coupled with being designed to operate as open flue or room sealed, the DR-FC Evo is particularly suited to installations where the heater needs to be located closer to point of use without disturbance.

Twin duct flue systems can extend to 100m overall length, whilst concentric flues can run up to an impressive 40m in length, meaning, the Dorchester DR-FC Evo can be sited almost anywhere in the building.

Hamworthy Heating’s entire range of Dorchester water heaters, comprising 41 models in total, includes the new DR-FC Evo condensing water heater, Dorchester DR-RS room sealed range, the Dorchester DR-LP / DR-LA multi tube range, Dorchester DR-SA / DR-SE single tube range and the Dorchester DR-PF power flame range.

Additionally, Hamworthy have introduced a direct fired condensing water heater with a solar coil, the Dorchester DR-TC  which can be used as a package to achieve a fully integrated solar solution.

The Dorchester range of water heaters from Hamworthy are a practical and efficient means of producing domestic hot water for a wide range of commercial water heating applications.

See the full Dorchester water heating range.

Dorchester DR-FC Evo

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