DR-FC Evo Condensing commercial water heaters

Dorchester DR-TC solar water heater

Condensing commercial water heater ranges

Our Dorchester range of condensing water heaters are a flexible and efficient solution for producing domestic hot water for a wide range of commercial water heating applications.

Hamworthy continuously develop its heating and hot water ranges to improve environmental performance in commercial water heater applications.

Separating the hot water from the heating plant improves system efficiency performance in the summer months, when space heating is not required. Our Dorchester range of condensing water heaters achieves this, and provides excellent seasonal efficiencies of up to 107% net in commercial water heating applications.

Dorchester condensing water heaters offer high outputs, very low noise levels, pre-mix combustion with modulating burner, excellent seasonal efficiency and European Standard Class 5 NOx emissions.


Condensing water heaters:


BIM components are now available for you to download for the Dorchester Dr-FC Evo range of water heaters.

The Dorchester direct water heater range also consists of room sealed, atmospheric, and  non condensing  models suitable for use with gas, LPG or oil fuels.


All are complimented by a range of indirect calorifiers and storage tanks to suit your commercial water heater project, and the Hamworthy Trigon solar can be used as a package to achieve a fully integrated solar solution.

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