Dorchester DRLA

Atmospheric commercial water heater ranges

Our Dorchester range of atmospheric water heaters are a practical and efficient means of producing domestic hot water for a wide range of commercial water heating applications.

Atmospheric water heaters are ideal for like for like replacement in commercial refurbishment programmes. With our atmospheric water heaters for commercial heating, condensate and plumbing is eliminated, meaning flue systems can be reused and Hamworthy supply a choice of draught diverters to closely align to existing flue systems.

Dorchester ranges of atmospheric water heaters are also quiet in operation and their simple robust design means a highly reliable solution for your hot water requirements in commercial heating and hot water applications.

Atmospheric open flue water heaters:

  • DR-LA - fully automatic, multi-tube water heater 620-2103 litres/hr
  • DR-LP - permanent pilot, multi-tube water heater 620-1836 litres/hr
  • DR-SA - fully automatic , single tube water heater 369-392 litres/hr
  • DR-SE - permanent pilot, single tube water heater 369-392 litres/hr

Atmospheric room sealed flue water heaters:

  • DR-RS - room sealed water heater 507-1960 litres/hr

The Dorchester direct water heater range also consists of room sealedcondensing and non condensing models suitable for use with gas, LPG or oil fuels.

Hamworthy also offer the Dorchester DR-TC water heater, with integrated condensing gas burner and the addition of dedicated solar coil for use with a solar circuit.

All are complimented by a range of indirect calorifiers and storage tanks to suit your commercial water heater project, and the Hamworthy ModuSol solar can be used as a package to achieve a fully integrated solar solution.

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