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Innovative thinking...

From pioneering the concept of modular boilers with the R series in the 1960’s to the versatile Fleet ranges today, we pride ourselves on a proven track record in product innovation.

Water Heaters

DR FC water heater

Energy efficiency...

Separating the generation of hot water from the space heating system is a proven energy efficient solution. Discover the benefits of Dorchester direct fired water heaters, one of the widest ranges of water heating solutions on the market today.


Solar panels

Integrating renewables…

Hamworthy offers the widest scope in integrating renewable energy with traditionally fuelled high efficiency heating systems. Discover how you can exploit renewable energy in your refurbishment or new build programme.

Customer Service

Hamworthy support

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Our support does not stop when products are delivered to site. The level of after sales support available can be tailored to suit a wide variety of needs and requirements, all aimed at supporting our product in the field.

Responsible heating

Responsible heating solutions

Fleet BIM components

BIM components out now

Hamworthy boilers

Highest output, smallest footprint boilers 

Purewell VariHeat boilers and Dorchester water heater

Integrated heating and hot water solutions 

Fleet sectional heat exchanger

Revolutionising boiler design

Hamworthy boilers

 Steel boilers offering sustainable energy solutions

Wessex ModuMax modular boilers

Pioneers in modular boiler technology

Hamworthy condensing boilers deliver gross seasonal efficiencies of up to 96% exceeding building regulation requirements, and are low NOx, meeting BREEAM assessment. Continue.


 Boiler Products

Current boiler products A-Z

At Hamworthy Heating, we have a comprehensive range of boiler products for a wide range of commercial heating applications including:   

Boiler Products 

Air and dirt separators microbubble clean vent air dirt separators

Ansty power flame stainless steel condensing boilers, 75-640 kW

BioFire biomass wood burning boilers, 500-1000 kW

BioMatic biomass wood burning boilers, 220-500kW

Chemical dosing pots chemical cleaning and protection of heating systems

Chesil pumped pressurisation units, up to 3.4 bar

Ensbury LT low temperature high efficiency steel boilers, 70-580 kW

Firematic biomass wood burning boilers, 35-100kW

Fleet Wall hung condensing boilers, 40-150 kW

Fleet Horizontal floor standing condensing modular boilers, 40-350 kW

Fleet Vertical floor standing condensing modular boilers, 80-1050 kW

Masterflue AG gas vent system for atmospheric appliances

Masterflue ME fully welded single wall flue for condensing and high efficiency appliances

Masterflue MF twin walled and insulated flue for condensing and high efficiency appliances

Melbury C condensing steel shell power flame boilers, 530-3000 kW

Melbury HE high efficiency steel shell power flame boilers, 530-10000 kW

Merley sequence controller boiler sequence controller

Pelletstar biomass wood pellet burning boilers

Purewell VariHeat high efficiency fully modulating condensing and non condensing boilers, 65-180 kW

Purewell VariHeat pipe work reverse return header kits

Stratton condensing stainless steel wall hung boilers

Wessex 50 HE high efficiency pre-mix modular boilers, 50kW-150kW

Wessex 200 HE high efficiency pre-mix modular boilers, 200kW

Wessex Compact high efficiency pre-mix modular boilers, 50kW-150kW

Wessex County high efficiency pre-mix modular boilers, 200kW

Wessex ModuMax mk2 high efficiency, condensing fully modulating boilers, 100-750 kW

Wessex ModuMax HE high efficiency, non condensing fully modulating boilers, 110-660 kW

Wessex ModuMax manifold kits reverse return pipework


Boiler Technical Library

Technical Library

The Hamworthy Technical Library contains information which is for use throughout the planning, design, commissioning, servicing and maintenance stages of a commercial building services project. Documents are mainly in PDF format, so Adobe Acrobat reader software will be required.


Technical brochures

Technical brochures for current Hamworthy boiler products can be downloaded. Technical brochures include wiring diagrams, data tables and dimensional drawings plus full specification details of the product. 


Merley sequence controller

BioFire biomass

Pelletstar biomass

BioMatic biomass

Purewell VariHeat

Chesil Pressurisation Unit

Wessex 50 HE

Ensbury LT

Wessex 200 HE

Firematic biomass

Wessex Compact

Fleet Wall hung

Wessex County

Fleet Horizontal floor standing

Wessex ModuMax

Fleet Vertical floor standing


Flue and Chimney Systems


Masterflue MF


Melbury HE

Wessex ModuMax


Hamworthy boiler Installer guides

Operating and maintenance (O&M) manuals / installers guides contain details regarding installation, service and maintenance for past and present commercial boiler products. If you require a hard copy, please email our customer service team, stating which manual you require on 



Purewell VariHeat Condensing

Broadstone S

Purewell VariHeat High Efficiency

Cascade Controller

Purewell VariHeat Manifold Kits

Chesil Pressurisation Unit

Shaftesbury HE

Chesil Electronic Pressurisation Unit

Shaftesbury Slimline

Dorchester Close Control Thermostat Kit

Sherborne SE

Ensbury LT


Fleet Wall hung


Fleet Horizontal floor standing

Wessex 100 M Series

Fleet Vertical floor standing

Wessex 100 M Series Manifold Kits


Wessex HE 50 & Compact

Melbury HE

Wessex HE 200 & County

Merley sequence controller

Wessex ModuMax


Wessex ModuMax 100Â Series Manifold Kits

Milborne Flue Headers

Wessex ModuMax 200 Series Manifold Kits



Purewell Classic Fully Auto

QAA73 Programmable Room Unit

Purewell Integra Permanent Pilot

Purewell Integra Fully Auto

Purewell Integra Permanent Pilot